Batman & Robin by Tomasi & Gleason Omnibus (Batman and Robin) Hardcover – December 3, 2019

Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo. The Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder. Father and son.

Damian Wayne, the secret child of Bruce Wayne and his sworn enemy, Talia al Ghul, was trained from birth to kill and raised to rule the world. At the age of 10, however, Damian turned his back on his mother’s megalomaniacal ambitions and joined his father’s crusade against crime. Since then, the precocious new Robin has chafed under the unfamiliar restraints imposed by Batman’s strict moral code–and struggled to accept the unique comforts of his strange new family.

He also faces deadly challenges at every turn–from the League of Assassins led by his immortal grandfather to the unstoppable insanity of the Joker, from the universe’s most dangerous New God to his three suspicious predecessors, Damian must be prepared to battle them all.

Greed and evil. Triumph and tragedy. Death and rebirth. This is Batman and Robin as you’ve never seen them before.

Collecting ever issue of the acclaimed team’s modern-day classic for the first time in a single hardcover edition, BATMAN & ROBIN BY PETER J. TOMASI AND PATRICK GLEASON OMNIBUS redefines one of the comics’ greatest partnerships for a new generation.

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